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Prof André Keet

Jan 05 2017

Title of address: Pause/ing Education: Retreat, Reflect and Being-present at The Dome

André joined the higher education sector for the first time on a full-time professional basis in October 2008 when he became the Director of the Transdisciplinary Programme at the University of Fort Hare. Between 1996 and 2008, he worked in and with independent public institutions responsible for navigating the crucial transitional phase in South Africa’s contemporary history whilst also teaching part-time and on a visiting basis at universities across the world. Most of his post-1994 work and teaching focussed on processes aimed at deepening democracy, social justice and the promotion and protection of human rights. Joining the South African Human Rights Commission in 1996, André later on became its Deputy Chief Executive Officer. 

On a unanimous recommendation from parliament, the president appointed André as a part-time Commissioner to the Commission for Gender Equality in 2008. He is a frequently invited speaker at South African and other universities abroad, as well as at academic conferences. André is presently based as the Director of the Institute for Reconciliation and Social Justice and advisor to the Rectorate. He was also appointed to serve as the Acting Vice-Rector (student affairs and external relations) until the end of December 2017. His research and postgraduate supervision focus on four areas: critical studies in higher education transformation; social justice, social cohesion and reconciliation; human rights, democracy and citizenship education; and public participation, critical citizenship and democracy development.


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