The World Education Research Association (WERA) came into being on April 18, 2009. WERA is an association of national, regional, and international specialty research associations. Its express aim is to further education research as a scientific and scholarly field.

EASA is a founding member of the World Education Research Association (WERA). This privileges EASA members who consequently have access to WERA’s considerable networks and resources. WERA-related opportunities have urged EASA members toward special sensitivity to education issues with relevance to the global south, without neglecting south-north discourses and knowledge exchange.

The call for submissions for the WERA Congress 2018 in Cape Town has been extended - please click on the link below for more details

WERA Congress 2018

Prof. Liesel Ebersöhn
Secretary General: WERA

Department of Educational Psychology

Email: liesel.ebersohn@up.ac.za